City girl Jacina must leave her Facebook-fuelled life to travel on a quest for her grandma, into the Amazon jungle. Her journey is full of surprises, as she encounters mythical creatures and discovers her family’s roots!

But there’s no WiFi in the rain forest, so when her phone stops working, Jacina feels lost and afraid… She must rely on her eyes, her ears and her heart, as the creatures of the jungle reveal to her a new path and a way back home. Not every answer can be found in the technology in the palm of our hand!

This is the tale of a girl named Jacina
An urban youth ever glued to her screen
Her frenzied life among highways and shops
Unexpectedly came to a stop, when,
Ejected from the concrete high rise
Through rivers, mountains and stormy skies
Jacina wound herself into a tangle
Digging into her roots in the Amazon jungle

Inspired by Literatura de Cordel, a style of poetry from Brazil. From the flat pages of a Cordel booklet, a 3-dimensional world takes form, with puppetry and live Brazilian music!

Inspired by the woodcut illustrations, stories and music of Brazilian Cordel.