Tasting Colour Buffet

This exciting event opens with a mouth-watering Tasting Colour’ buffet extravaganza! Fully facilitated by the student-poets (AKA awesome ‘metaphorical wizards!), the audience will be prompted to create their very own colourful language ‘out loud’ using taste and smell – celebrating our connectedness through the joy of food!

We will playfully ‘induce’  you with synaesthesia to magically morph and cross-wire your senses! Be prepared to get those creative juices flowing with a rainbow of electric popping candy, stormy dark chocolate, sofa-soft-like-a-hug cheese, jauntily juicy strawberries and more!

The poets’ experiences of ‘inclusion’ in an ‘ableist’ world are vocalised in this funny and moving anthology, showcasing a diversity of vision impaired perspectives in an all ‘seeing’ world! The live show then begins as you take your seats!

Spoken Word and Sound Poetry performance

Students will perform Spoken Word and Sound Poetry alongside the electrically incredible Zara Jayne (Deafblind actress and poet), the audaciously talented Abi Palmer (Multidisciplinary Disabled Artist and poet) and the unbelievably inspirational Miss Jacqui (Disabled performance poet, Spoken Word facilitator and proud wheelchair user!).

Our intoxicatingly dynamic Resident Sound Poetry Composer and ‘Poetry DJ’  Stephanie Singer will record the ‘Tasting Colour’ talk, remixing their sounds and voices to create an audio “mash-up”! There will also be top-notch ‘Pop-Up’ performances from Extant Theatre’s ‘Catching the Ghost’ from the dangerously dynamic duo of visually impaired actors Chris Campion and Steven George.

The event will end with book sales of ‘A Blind Bit of Difference’, and student-poet signings from Joseph Clarke School!


There will be large projected text and BSL throughout, and the event will be filmed by Kate Dangerfield for the ‘Accessible Film Project’ (BFI/ Sense). The event will also be live streamed for those who are not able to attend the launch in person, due to their needs/disabilities.

This performance will be a BSL and captioned performance. Remember to fill in any access requirements you might have online or when you call us, including if you want BSL, captions or both so we know where best to sit you.

Your superstar-poets comments!

“You don’t have to see the colour, you can eat the colour!”

“This is sooooo fun…I can’t think about colour the same anymore! It’s so tasty!”

“Popping candy is a rainbow exploding in my head!”

“I’m so full of colours I could burst into a rainbow!”

“My tongue is a magic wand that tells me secrets about the colours in the sky!”

“My nose is a colour-hoover!”

“I can’t wait to teach my Mum about Sensory Play!”

“I know my Dad will love it…he loves food as much as he loves me!”