Imagine worlds where black culture thrives, rarely recognised in history let alone imagined in distant futures. From literature (shout out Octavia Butler) to music, film, fashion and art – be ready for a ball that’s out of this world at the iconic Rivoli Ballroom in Crofton Park.

Ballroom Culture originated in Harlem, New York and has since spread across the globe. Pioneered by Crystal Labeija, the Ballroom Scene celebrates and prioritises LGBTQIA+ people of colour. Members of Ballroom Scene come together for competitions called ‘Balls’ whereby individuals and ‘Houses’ compete in fashion, beauty, realness and performance categories for prizes.

Ballroom is a safe(r) space that prioritises QTIBIPOC (Queer, Trans, Intersex, Black, Indigenous, People of Colour). Please be mindful and respectful of who the space is for. Anyone being disrespectful of the space will be removed.

Powered by Black Obsidian Sound System.

2021 Turner Prize Nominees Black Obsidian Sound System was established in the summer of 2018 with the intention of bringing together a community of queer, trans and non-binary black and people of colour involved in art, sound and activism. Following in the legacies of sound system culture they wanted to learn, build and sustain a resource for our collective struggles. The system, based in London, is available to use or rent by community groups and others with the purpose of amplifying and connecting them.

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