Would you like to hear a remarkable story?
We promise it will only be a little bit gory…

We are two sisters, The Sisters Grimm.
One is quite clever and one is quite… musical.
Our tales are greater than any others,
But they were stolen by our beastly brothers!
Now we must journey to fix their lies,
Or else the birds will pluck out our eyes!

You know the Brothers Grimm? The famous storytellers…or story stealers more like! Brunhilda & Mitzi were the true brains behind the books, but thanks to a treacherous father, a nasty curse and a great big dollop of bad luck, you’ve probably never heard of them.

The Grimm Sisters are here to set the record straight. Join them on the journey as they tell their twisted tales with a marvellous mix of comedy, singing & live music. Dive headfirst into their weird world of poisonous parents, courageous quests & a magical frog called Jeremy (Jeremy is not to be trusted).

Keep your mind sharp and your guts gory,
because in the blink of an eyelash, you might find yourself within the story…

Award winning Scratchworks Theatre Company takes you by the hand and leads you on a joyful & mischievous adventure in this interactive & family friendly show. Suitable for ages 6+

Written & Devised by Scratchworks Theatre Company
Costume – Designed by Helen Johnson and made in partnership with Bristol Old Vic Theatre School

Part of Southwark’s Festival of Words programme