The Home takes its spiritual responsibilities very seriously and we would be delighted if you could join us for our favourite event of the week. The more souls present for this morning of meditation, the merrier. It’s a chance to get to know our residents, the local community and perhaps even yourself a little better.

The Home is a 48 hour immersive theatre experience – the Non-Denominational Worship and Mindfulness Session offers a taster within the big show.

This session is one of  four 90 minute performances, taking place within The Home. You will be interacting with those taking part in the full experience, and all of the performers, but for a shorter burst. This is a stand-alone experiences – you don’t need to know what has happened before for it to make sense (although we are sure some of our participants will be desperate to tell you).

It’s theatre where you join in.  It’s entertainment and it might make you think about ageing and vulnerability in a way you haven’t before.

Sunday morning: the people who have signed up for the whole experience of The Home will have been residents for two nights now.  Things might be starting to get a little edgy. Or maybe things are all peace, love and harmony.  Why not come and find out?  As a ticket holder for this performance you will see how the whole show is set up, the tensions, joys and thought-provoking aspects of The Home, thrill to the show in front of you, and have your chance to influence the outcome of the event.

Can’t make it in person? Watch livestream on the Albany Facebook page using this link. 

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Top image: Sorcha Bridge.