Both work in progress sharings will be followed by a Q&A.

Brotherly, Otherly, Disorderly by Vijay Patel

A love letter to sibling care and neurodivergent solidarity, a theatrical access rider* and a dream of a better world.

It’s a joyous and celebratory theatrical toolkit for supporting themselves and each other; while navigating the barriers they face within a neurotypical world. In this narrative of care and brotherly support, watch what happens when their disabling barriers are transformed into something that is better designed for their needs.

*An access rider is a document that outlines your disability or access needs to let people you work with know how to ensure you have equal access to work.

LIFEdream by Stephen Bailey

Stephen Bailey presents his findings from his Liberty Research Grant project, LIFEdream on behalf of ASYLUM. LIFEdream uses  the narrative of prophecy as a commentary on the insitutionalisation of the neurodivergent and those with perceived learning disabilities.  The performance merges social criticism and magic realism.

Stephen will talk through the finding with some footage, and discuss the themes and intensions of the work.

This event will also be livestreamed.