The Albany aims to encourage a culture where people can be themselves and be valued for their strengths. We want our staff and volunteer team to represent the same mix of audiences and artists we welcome into our venues every day. Therefore we’re keen to hear from a diverse range of candidates from all backgrounds drawing on different perspectives, experience and knowledge. We particularly welcome interest from Black, Asian, Minority Ethnic and disabled candidates to work here. The Albany will offer an interview to anyone with a disability who meets the ‘essential’ criteria of a job’s person specification.

If you’re considering applying for an artist opportunity, or you’d like us to programme or support your creative work, please read our artistic policy before you get in touch.

We receive lots of requests for work placements and we are unable to take everyone. For that reason, we usually only accept people who are part of our projects. We suggest you check out our Get Involved section to find out more.


Top image shows people at an event in the bar in the Albany theatre. Photo Camilla Greenwell.