For the first time in decades, the door to our community arts centre in the heart of Deptford has been closed to the public. However in these unprecedented times, we’ve worked harder than ever to find new ways of connecting with audiences, artists, and participants aged 4 to 94. These connections are testament to that since March 2020 we’ve engaged over 40,000 people. This figure is only 20% lower than our usual attendance figures for the period.

However, with lost income, and reduced opportunities to generate revenue, our future is far from certain. Donations of all sizes could help safeguard our position in the community for years to come and would be highly appreciated.

As we move towards reopening and recovery, we are even more committed to reaching as many people as possible. Programmes like Meet Me on the Radio and Albany Connects that have been borne out of necessity for remote connection in lockdown will be here to stay, as well as a new hybrid-style of delivery which will include online and in person events and participation opportunities. This means that we will be able to reach those still unable to leave their homes, in London and all over the world.

We want to thank each and every one of our community of supporters, from brilliant individuals undertaking tough physical challenges in order to raise money for us, to the 485 individuals and families who donated to our recent crowdfunding campaign, to core partners like Lewisham Borough Council and Arts Council England, and all the trustees of the brilliant trusts and foundations who believe in the work we do to serve our local community.

If you would like to give to the Albany a regular donation of £1 or more per month, we would love to hear from you. If you are making a recurring donation, for the price of a coffee each month you can help to safeguard the future of the Albany.

Contact Hayley Murphy, Head of Development, on


Any donation, large or small will be used to keep The Albany open and support those who work in the arts at this difficult time

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