The Albany has been firmly rooted in the community in Deptford for over 100 years, and we’re looking to secure our place in the future of Deptford.

Every £1 donated makes a difference in helping us to:

  • Produce and present our world-class artistic programme
  • Support local young people to develop their creative talent, gain new skills and access training and employment opportunities
  • Support vulnerable and isolated adults to engage with the arts, connect with others, build confidence and develop skills
  • Enable local children to experience theatre for the very first time
  • Create a safe and welcoming space for people of all ages

Despite the difficulties presented by COVID-19 we have continued with our programmes, providing opportunities and creative development throughout the year, reaching 40,000 people through content we created, supported or produced either online or in-person. We engaged with 885 young people and created 900 hours of paid work for young creatives. Staff and volunteers also spent 1,330 hours on the phone to older residents at risk of isolation and 15,198 people tuned in to Meet Me on the Radio – a show created in response to the pandemic to support Meet Me members.


Top image shows the exterior of the Albany viewed from Douglas Way. Photo David Grandorge.

Any donation, large or small will be used to keep The Albany open and support those who work in the arts at this difficult time

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