Hear Meet Me… member Moira reading the Code of Conduct


Come as you are, and we will be here. 

With bright singing, biscuits and cups of tea, 

Conversation, laughter, and artistry.


We meet together as our own community,  

with respect for the many lives we have lived, 

recognising the fortitude of our years,


and our resilience as people who have survived 

through the world and its various challenges, 

Whatever our pasts or futures might be.


We arrive carrying the twinkle of our age, 

Knowing that as the seasons change 

We may change with them too, our wisdom


Ever growing with the trees. We embrace 

the ups and downs that we may face, 

with compassion for our unique histories.


Sometimes, it can be hard, to feel at ease 

in a big room, with lots of new people around. 

But we all have a right to be here. This is our space.


We choose to share it together. There might be times 

when we don’t always agree. But our differences 

make us individual. Try not to judge. Offer an ear,


Or a hand, a smile or a hug, where you are able to, 

And acknowledge each and every person around. 

They know their truths. Be mindful of their story.


Just as you must recognise the value of your own. 

And if there are disagreements, as perhaps, 

there may be, just take a little time to breathe.


We are only human. We all make mistakes. 

There will be a new morning, and plenty of time 

To try again. We accept you for who you are.


We all deserve to be appreciated. To be soothed. 

Now, with a sea of experience at our feet, let’s celebrate 

this communion of minds and matter, as friends and equals. 

So let’s say hello, everyone! – and welcome. 


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