Meet Me at the Albany is a weekly arts and social club for Lewisham residents aged 60+, delivered by the Albany and Entelechy Arts. It brings older people together to work with artists to learn (or rediscover) creative skills, make new friends and reduce isolation and loneliness.

The in-person club includes a choir, gardening activities, crafts, a film club, very special 21st Century Tea Dances, and trips and adventures all over London!

Through the pandemic we’ve kept in touch with members over the phone, and delivered Creative Activity Boxes directly to their doors. We also launched the weekly Meet Me on the Radio programme in May 2020, a space for stories, music and conversation led by our members. It has had over 15,000 listeners so far, and you can tune in on Tuesdays on Resonance FM, or catch up on past episodes here.

We need your help so we can continue to offer and expand our service, reaching the most isolated members of our community.

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