First of all, what inspired the title of the podcast?

P: We spent a long time attempting to figure out the name … we all wrote down some key buzz words with what came in to our head and then from that we all came up with different titles. Eventually “I’m not okay but I’m making art about it” came about, and then I said I felt it was too long for a podcast name, so we bounced off the idea and made it in to “I’m not okay but …” thinking that each person could fill it in with what they do to help themselves be okay!

Could you explain to our readers who these guests are and why you chose them?

P: The guests we chose were not only our friends, but our fellow “colleagues”, we both had experiences with all of them, from being in shows together, to just seeing them around the  Albany. All of them are doing such amazing things for the community and for young people and they deserve to be celebrated and involved in the conversation surrounding young people!

Out of the whole series, what do you think each guest has in common?

P: Everyone has very similar views, on funding, on the  government and overall how young people are treated which is beautiful. Everyone feels helped and supported by the Albany and everyone is super talented!

What would you advise a young person who would like to get into the arts but has no prior experience?

P: Find local groups! Look in your area (and surrounding areas) for anywhere that is doing something arts related, ask your school as well! Just do it. The first time may be terrifying but I guarantee you it will be worth it. 

For those who may not be aware, this podcast is part of A Big Conversation. Could you explain this project to readers out there?

P: A Big Conversation is a project aimed to help discuss how creativity helps mental health. It solidifies the fact that young people have access to more spaces for creativity. Alongside us at Sounds Like Chaos, there were various other groups involved with the project. Lewisham Music, Lewisham Youth Theatre and Heart n Soul. 

Finally, we had the finale to A Big Conversation, and we were blessed to hear both your art forms at the event! How do you think the event as a whole went down?

P: I think the event went really well! I think it proves that young people need access to spaces for free, and they deserve to have the chance to express their creativity. It also showed how many talented people we have! I hope the event reached the right people and it was such a pleasure to perform and be part of this project! 

If you haven’t already, listen to ‘I’m not okay but…’ on Spotify.

Image: artwork for ‘I’m not okay but…’ podcast. Marlo on the left, Phoebe on the right.