What made you want to start REZON8?

As a member of the Alchemy project at Goldsmiths I realised that for a lot of the kids there, that  was their only option for recording sessions and to make music in general for free. A lot of them are ambitious and motivated to have a career in music but as they’re young it’s hard to put money together for studio time, music videos and even marketing. So, I wanted to give them another option that not only helps them with making music but supports them throughout their career offering industry knowledge and resources to help set them up for a career in music.

Who is REZON8 for?

REZON8 is for ambitious 14–21-year-olds from South-East London that have a strong interest in music that want support and guidance to help them with the creative process of making music. However, I would like to branch this out further across the country as there are a lot more people that need support and I believe that eventually we will be able to give them that.

Why do you want to work with the Albany on REZON8?

Similar to the target audience of REZON8 I didn’t have the resources to do this by myself at the time of starting REZON8 so the Albany offered to give me, as well as them, support and resources to help run the project. Moreover, the Albany offers similar support to young people so having REZON8 link with the Albany is a lot better as people involved can gain so many more opportunities

What have been the biggest challenges for you setting up and running your own record label?

One of the biggest challenges was setting REZON8 up during a pandemic and trying to find ways to work around it.

Are there any people that particularly inspire you?

I think Mikey (the person who runs Alchemy) has become my biggest inspiration as he really didn’t have to set any of this up to help us and even through the hardest times, he tries his hardest and always puts the members of alchemy first and just finds a way to make things work. He has helped and supported me since I was 14/15 and has never given up on me. Also, REZON8 wouldn’t have been a thing without his support so I am extremely grateful of him

Is there any advice you’d share with people wanting to work in the music industry?

I would say that getting involved in the music industry isn’t as easy as artists make out but with the right support and guidance from the right people it can be a lot simpler. Also, INVEST in what you would to do, the reality is that you can’t get anywhere for free.

What do you hope REZON8 will be doing 5 years from now?

In 5 years I hope that the label is in more places than just the Albany, maybe little organisations around South London with people similar to me helping run them and providing young people with the support they need within the music industry!