First up, what is what is Meet Me… on the Dancefloor? 

S: A creative workshop, running across six weeks where you can come together with a group of over 65s from your local Lewisham community to get moving, dance and socialise!  Dancing and movement might be something totally new for you, or it might be something you haven’t had the chance to do in a long time. 

What inspired Meet Me… on the Dancefloor?  

S: Our Meet Me… members help shape our programme and they have told us how important movement, dance and self expression is to them. They wanted to have opportunities to learn new moves, be creative and feel active, and we know what a positive impact this has on all of our bodies and minds whatever age you are! We hope we might also welcome new members to our weekly Tuesday sessions. 

Who will be leading Meet Me… on the Dancefloor?    

S: We have a series of qualified dance and music professionals and companies who will be leading the workshops, including the  a fantastic team from IRIE! dance theatre. 

Who can join Meet Me… on the Dancefloor?  

S: All over 65s from the Lewisham area are welcome to join us! We want to welcome residents from all backgrounds and communities, whatever your mobility. Sessions will be adapted to suit people’s different needs and abilities. 

What will we be doing in the sessions?  

S: The sessions will include a warm up, to get connected with our bodies. Then they will have a mixture of learning new dance moves as well as chances to create your own movement sequences. You may do this individually or as a group and our experienced dance teachers will be led by the interests shared by the members. 

Do I have to be able to ‘dance’?  

S: Not at all! No previous experience of dance is required, just an interest or curiosity to try something new. These sessions  are a safe and welcoming space to step outside your comfort zone. 

Do I have to come to all of the sessions in the six week programme?  

S: We hope that you would be able to join for the full six weeks to make the most of the sessions and get to know other members . However we totally appreciate that appointments and other commitments come up which might mean you can’t make some weeks, or you might find it isn’t quite the right fit for you. 

Can I bring a friend?  

S: Yes! Whilst spaces are limited we know it is helpful to have a familiar face with you when trying something new. So just let us know in advance if they are coming, this means we can ensure the session is fully accessible to them too. 

Will there be a performance at the end? 

S: Not necessarily, this will completely be dependant on what the group as a whole decide. If there is a performance, there is no pressure to take part. 

What happens after the sessions are over?  

S: We run a whole range of activities on a Tuesday at the Albany,  from choir to printing, from poetry to crochet and you would be so welcome to join our other members for our weekly sessions after the dance activity finishes. As part of the programme, we would hope to run dance and movement sessions later in the year. 

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