A few weeks ago we shared our response to the murder of George Floyd and also further reflections on the Black Lives Matter movement from across the generations. As part of our ongoing work to be actively anti-racist we’re publishing our diversity figures within the Albany including staff, freelancers, artists and our board as part of the Theatre Call to Action campaign.

We will be announcing more details of our full plans to be a more diverse and inclusive organisation later in the summer, as well as how we plan to implement these. For now, if you have any questions or comments, our inbox is always open.

What we have done so far and will continue to do:

  • Increased transparency of our artistic policy and approach to working with artists, staring with sharing this publicly.
  • Devolved decision-making power on some aspects of artistic programming to the community (Pizza and Pitches, Young Creatives).
  • Looked at our diversity statistics and analysed how these reflect actual decision making powers.
  • Implemented staff recruitment processes to target, track and increase number of applications from and interviews with People of Colour.

What we want start doing:

  • Champion internal discussion on how equality issues affect working relationships with staff, partners, artists and audiences.
  • Set a target of 50% of freelancers to be People of Colour.
  • Implement more targeted measures to create and maintain balance in staff representation across all management levels and departments.
  • Succession plan with a focus to address underrepresentation in leadership.
  • Be transparent about how we make decisions, how money is being spent and report on our progress.