What is this opportunity?

We are looking for creative ideas, which can take place right now (on or off line) and will connect with and benefit the people of Deptford and New Cross where the Albany is based. We usually host our ‘Pizza and Pitches Parties’ live in the Albany cafe – where five ideas are pitched and the winner is voted for by the public – we’re sad that can’t happen in person at the moment so we’re going to try an online version instead! Doing this digitally is an experiment for us, and now we are looking for experiments from you…

We are trying to make our democratic process for choosing who and what gets funded even more open and democratic, so we are putting our money where our mouth is and committing £600 to whichever project is voted for by our communities, and £100 each to four runners-up.

You can pitch anything you like, it could be a performance, a workshop, an interactive fashion show, a pen-pal project, a phone-poetry recital, a socially distant scavenger hunt, a whatsapp murder mystery, a quiz, an online exhibition, a talk or discussion, a party, a protest or something else entirely! It just needs to hit these criteria:

  • It should be able to safely take place in the next few weeks
  • It should be artistic/creative in some way, and should be publicly accessible on or offline, and free
  • It should be relevant to the concerns and lives of people living in Deptford/New Cross, and there should be a commitment to connecting with local communities. Be mindful that not everybody has access to a computer, smartphone or the internet.

We appreciate £600 is not a huge amount of money to make a project happen, so are looking for ideas which are achievable for this amount of money. The Albany can also help with marketing, equipment and technical support if you need it. The £100 each for the runners-up is to go towards development of those ideas, even if it’s just paying for a day of your time to think more about them.

How does it work?

Five ideas will be chosen by a panel made up of Albany Young Leaders and members of Meet Me at the Albany, and the people shortlisted will have the opportunity to pitch their ideas live, online. Then there will be a vote for the winner! We are still working out the details of how the live event will work, but we will update the people on the shortlist in advance to give you plenty of time to prepare. If you don’t have access to a computer, there will also be a way to join in over the phone.

Who can enter? Anyone! Individuals, community groups, grassroots organisations, artists and companies. You should live, work, or have a connection to Deptford/New Cross. 

What is the Albany?

The Albany is a performing arts centre in Deptford, South East London. We believe in involving people, through participation and partnerships, and are a hub for the arts and community. We present a huge range of events and opportunities each year, across artforms and for all ages.

What access support is available?

We would be happy to discuss any access requirements at any stage of the process. There is a small access budget available if needed, and we are able to support with anything technical too.

How to apply

Please send us the following details:

  • Your name, and the names of anyone you will be collaborating with. Please ask their permission before applying.
  • A short paragraph about you, for example: the sort of work you like to do or make, what inspires you, and some things you’ve made, run or performed before – these don’t have to be shows, they could be other things like open days, workshops, parties, or protests! Please do not include a CV.
  • Your idea, clearly explained. If you would like to include a mood board, images, or links this is helpful for us to imagine what you are describing.
  • A very basic idea of how you think you would use the money. Don’t forget to pay yourself!
  • Any support that might be useful from the Albany or anywhere else, for example technical support or volunteers.


You can answer the questions in one of the following ways:

  1. In writing – you can write a document up to two pages of A4 long
  2. By making a short video or audio file, recorded on a mobile phone or computer – you can record up to 5 minutes long – if you are applying using video, please upload to YouTube or Vimeo as ‘private’ or ‘unlisted’, and send us the link. Remember to include the password, if there is one.

Send your application back with the document attached, or with a link to the video or audio file, to linda.bloomfield@thealbany.org.uk with the subject line ‘PIZZA AND PITCHES PARTY’. If you prefer, you can send your application by post to: The Albany, Douglas Way, Deptford, SE8 4AG

The deadline for applications is Tuesday 30th June 


What happens next?

We will let you know whether or not you have been shortlisted no later than Friday 10th July – we will get back to everybody. Please keep Wednesday 15th July, from 7pm free, as this is when the live Pitches and Pizza Party will take place, which you will need to ‘attend’ if you are successfully shortlisted. If you cannot be available for this event, you will not be eligible this time.

If you have any questions or would like to discuss access support, please email linda.bloomfield@thealbany.org.uk or phone 020 8692 4446. Please note that we may take a few days to respond so get in touch plenty of time before the deadline.