Brigitte Aphrodite is a punk poet, musician, writer, theatre maker and feminist showgirl. During her formative years Brigitte toured extensively as a musician, alongside artists such as Kate Nash and Josie Long. Most recently, she is best known for her critically acclaimed show My Beautiful Black Dog; a part gig, part theatre, punk musical exploring depression.

The show is about a young girl’s journey to make a new kind of punk – what do you find so inspiring about punk music? 

I like the idea that you can scream with your instrument about things you feel are important, in your heart, down your street, in the world. If you feel powerless to make a change, it’s a small but loud way to share ideas using words, music, style and melodies to feel a little less powerless.

All genres of music bring people together and in that union, people are free to dance, make friends, argue, snog, discuss.  Out of these unions, I’ve witnessed real tangible change being put into action.

‘Punk spirit’ is what I’m most interested in. My Nan’s got a punk attitude, but she never dressed like a punk rocker.  Punk is not a binary thing. Any music, or attitude, or protest, or style that defies social norms and sees the world from a different angle is what punk means to me.

What have you discovered whilst making the show?

Collaboration is everything! Without the incredible artists, passionate producers and all the incredible, clever groups of young adults I’ve been working with over the past few years, ‘Parakeet’ wouldn’t be happening. I’d just be eating bread with olive oil in my pyjamas…

I’ve also learnt that the majority of young people don’t want to be defined by labels. Because of this, we’re seeing young people be way more activated than what I can remember me and my mates ever being in the 90’s. It’s inspiring, it makes me feel like if the future is in their hands we might be alright… Also, just cos they care about stuff doesn’t mean they don’t want to party.

What do you think audiences can expect from the show? A bloody good time and to leave feeling ignited to do good shit.


Can you describe The Parakeet Experience in 3 words? Electronic, protest, kaleidoscopic.


The Parakeet Experience is at Canada Water Theatre on Friday 24 May. Follow this link to find out more. 

Follow this link to find out more about Brigitte Aphrodite.