Seven young event producers have been selected to showcase the diversity of the interests and ideas of young people based in South East London. The group is currently completing an eight-week series of workshops where they are refining and planning their initial project ideas. Their events will take place between August and October 2022 and more information on each of them will come out later this summer.


Seven young event producers, seven unforgettable events:



Zahra Kiernan (@zahrakiernan)

“Hey! My name is Zahra Kiernan and I’m a jazz musician from Goldsmiths. As a hearing-impaired singer I wanted to throw an industry style jazz events to promote accessibility within the genre. Fun fact about me : I sometimes do stand-up comedy and a song that sums me up would probably be Elton John’s classic, Honky Cat.



MOZIAH DE ROCHE (@moibienziah)

”My name is Moziah De Roche and I’m a songwriter, rapper and a singer. I am also signed to the label known as REZON8. A song that sums me up as a person is ‘iayze – 2 high’. The event I’m planning to deliver is a competition where we’d have multiple artists doing a series of challenges to find out who’s the best one.”



Emily Tran (@emireallyhere)

“My name is Emily and I am a musician and composer with influences from experimental, classical and jazz! A song that sums me up would be “Plastic” by Moses Sumney. I am hoping to create a showcase that defies the idea of genre, fusing classical and jazz with the help of my collective KORALO, incorporating and arranging for string and brass sections with the visual medium of dance to showcase the upcoming young talent. Witnessing live music always resonates with me and I hope to be able to create an experience that connects people who may have never crossed paths before.”



David Ogbuehi (@davidogbuehii)

“My name is David and I’m a multi-disciplinary creative. I’m heavy into music, visual art and culture. Nu finesse by OdunsiTheEngine sums up my current state of mind. I think it represents how i feel, where I’m from and what we’re bringing to the global stage. Speaking of stages, I want to deliver an event that incorporates my creative interests with the independent music scene in Lewisham.”



Paige Michel (@Itspaigemichel)

”Hey everyone my name is Paige. I’m 24, and live in South East London. I work as a Marketing Assistant in Arts & Culture Events. Now my mission is to produce events too! A song that describes me is Bong Bing – Laa Lee & Cristale. (Fun, Young & Vibes!). The event I’m planning is a community Carnival Day Party. Djs, Artist Performances, & Steel Pan Players!”



Oscar Loughlin (@Oscar.loughlin)

“Hi, my name is Oscar and I’m a decent bloke. I’m a big fan of music which is great because I’m a musician. I’m going to hold a tide party on the bank of the river Thames in celebration of Jungle music.”



Angel Dust (@rebelliuschaperone)

“My name is angel I am an artist working with performance, video and sculpture. I make art that explores queerness and the ways in which materiality informs the construction of identity. A song I really enjoy at the moment is “dumb pics” by Laura Les. The project I am producing is a collaboration between an electronic musician and a handful of dancers to create a soundscape and performance in a derelict space. It will be all about converging creatures of the future with spectres from the past!”