Together with Chief Executive Gavin Barlow, Shenay has been instrumental in transforming the Albany over the last two decades, from an underfunded and underappreciated community arts centre into a flourishing creative hub that has innovated and influenced the sector across south east London and beyond.

Under Gavin and Shenay’s leadership, the venue has nurtured strong relationships with local and artistic communities; restored faith with key funders; and has proven the value of arts centres in delivering artistic excellence, social impact and benefitting the wider sector.

Artistic Director and CEO, Gavin Barlow, said: “Shenay has made a huge impact on the Albany and she will be greatly missed. This marks a turning point for us, but as an organisation we are in a secure place with a strong Board behind us and exciting plans for the future. Our search for an interim role of Executive Director has already begun – please reach out if you are interested in discussing the role.”

Outgoing Managing Director, Shenay Gaul, said: “I am grateful for the many wonderful people I have had the honour to work alongside, as well as the unwavering support from local council and stakeholders to maintain this invaluable resource and creative oasis. I believe that this change of leadership will provide for exciting possibilities and space for new talent and ideas to emerge. And, as we like to say here: once part of the Albany family, you can never truly leave, so I will continue to root for the Albany’s future.”

We are looking for an Interim Executive Director to help us manage this transition and reshape our business model. You can find out more about the role here.