We are incredibly grateful to receive this vital funding from Arts Council England and the DCMS, which will enable us to build on the legacy of London Borough of Culture 2022, continuing our work with artists, families, young and older people in our local community. 

We would also like to congratulate Family Arts Campaign, who have achieved National Portfolio Status as an independent organisation for the first time, having shared their funding with us for the past six years. We look forward to working closely together into 2023 and beyond.

We would like to thank those who have expressed concern over a discrepancy on Arts Council England’s funding spreadsheet which has been shared today. We can confirm that this is due to the separation of the Albany and Family Arts Campaign, as outlined above, and that neither organisation has received a cut to their funding. We appreciate your messages of support and look forward to sharing more about our plans for the next few years in due course.

(Photo: Ines Yearwood-Sanchez)