We worked with Deanna and On The Button theatre company to produce Jude Starbeam and the Shadow Planet, a show for children and families made in collaboration with the Brain Injury Trust. There was a work-in-progress sharing of the show and an interactive workshop at the Albany in summer 2018. The finished is playing in February half-term 2019. You can book for it or find out more by following this link. 

Jude Starbeam was written by Deanna and devised by the company and is a piece of theatre aimed at 7-11 year olds. It uses puppetry and song to tell the story of a little boy astronaut who gets lost in space. It was inspired by stories of children growing up with a brain injury.

The core of the piece aims to encourage children to imagine what life might be like for children growing up with a brain injury or a brain and thought processes that work differently from their own.

Deanna also co-curates Chill Pill and Come Rhyme With Me, two of the UK’s leading poetry collectives.


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Top images shows Deanna Rodger.