More Than a Hoodie, winner of our previous Pizza and Pitches is a project that aims to showcase photos taken by young men of colour that capture joy, love, and connection through their eyes. The project aims to challenge stereotypes and build connections within a community through focusing on our similarities and not our differences.

Positive Psychology highlights that not only do those who view such pictures benefit from an increase in well-being and positive emotions so do those taking the pictures. In a small way this project hopes to increase the well-being of everyone involved.



Calling all young black males aged 10-24, Whether you’re an experienced photographer or just love taking snaps with your cameraphone, you have the power to inspire change and the tools to inspire. “More Than a Hoodie” invites YOU to capture the beauty of our community, this things/people/moments or places that make you feel love joy or connection and redefine what it means to be young, black, and full of potential.

Unleash your creativity, challenge stereotypes, and make a positive impact through your lens. Your photos can amplify voices and promote unity. This is your platform to rewrite the narrative. YOU are more than the stereotypes placed on you!

We will proudly showcase and celebrate the talent of Lewisham’s own 🎉. This is your opportunity to be part of an empowering creative journey – a reflection of our joy, love, and unity.

Its simple:

1. Register your participation using this form.

2. Receive an invitation to our sharing platform

3. Upload your pictures and DO NOT FORGET to write a caption of what each picture means/represents to you