Starting February 23rd, we will be working in depth with a small group of artists over the course of 6 weeks. Within these sessions we will be covering writing, performance, recording, lyricism techniques and more. Gain the opportunity to work with international slam champion, performance poet, spoken word artist and writer Y.A Poet over the 6 weeks leading to the REZON8 x Standards open mic show on Tuesday 2 April 2024 where members will have the opportunity to perform.


Session Times:

Fridays 4pm-5.30pm or 6pm-7.30pm

Please sign up using this link.


Session Dates:

Session 1 (23 Feb) – Introduction to group and intro to group writing With Y.a Poet

Session 2 (1 March) – Group writing/discussion, With Y.a Poet

Session 3 (8 March) – Group sharing and feedback + Introduction to recording in a music studio with REZON8.

Session 4 (15 March) – Recording final pieces in the studio with REZON8.

Session 5 (22 March) Introduction to performance and stage presence with Y.a Poet

Session 6 (29 March) –  Rehearsals With Y.a Poet and REZON8

PERFORMANCE (April 3rd) – REZON8 X Standards

You can also connect with us and find out more on Padlet.