We acknowledge that music is a creative output for many young people. However, the ability to create a professional product can be difficult due to expensive studio prices, lack of accessibility, financial issues and more. While doing this we aim to show the positive impact that this form of youth work can have on mental health through music in a safe creative environment.

Studio sessions will be run by KamZz (Kieron Morris) a professional sound engineer, producer, youth worker and creator of the Youth-Led Record Label REZON8. During these sessions, young people will have the opportunity to learn recording techniques, the basics of sound engineering, how to structure music and more. All sessions will include a basic mix.

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About REZON8

REZON8 is a youth-led record label created to assist young creatives who don’t ordinarily have direct access to support and recourses they would need to be creative and pursue a professional career in the music industry. This support includes providing industry knowledge, access to free studio time beats, workshops with industry professionals, mentoring and so much more. REZON8 supports them to push their music out and help them tell their stories through their music without censorship.

You can also connect with REZON8 and find out more on Padlet.