After the PureGold Lockdown live show in May as well as their festival of degree shows, the final year students on the MMus in Popular Music at Goldsmiths College will perform sets of original work, featuring singer-songwriters, bands, electronica and cutting-edge audiovisual work in-person and online via a YouTube live-stream.


Thursday 2 September


6pm: Kaska (Katarzyna Gawlik) (Band name: KAŚKA)

Inspired by the poetics of space, Polish artist KAŚKA creates alternative soundscapes where electronic pop meets with jazz, soul and ambient music. Swing by to experience a sonic collage of dreamy vocals coupled with spacious synths, saxophone, bass and drums.

Find out more about Kaska here.


8pm: Nicole Plant (Band name: Plant)

Singer, songwriter and producer Plant is a London-based electro-pop artist from Portland, Oregon. Combining dark synths and playful vocals, Plant’s songs dance along a precipice of emotion. Join her solo performance, and follow her down a whimsical journey into enchantment

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10pm: Cameron Schiller (Band name: Jenny Alien)

Jenny Alien is a Chicago born, London-based artist whose rowdy and creative appetite for genre-bending conjures whimsical and relatable experiences of a twenty-first century woman.

Jenny Alien’s PureGold performance is destined to be a circus of chaos: uninhibited and irreverent, Alien takes no prisoners as she paints a profound sonic landscape of rebellion and womanhood through her playfully sardonic hyperpop repertoire

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Friday 3 September


4pm: Mike Barrett (Artist name: Brand New Moon)

Brand New Moon is the project of London-based singer-songwriter and producer Mike Barrett. Combining expansive, evolving sound-worlds with vivid melodies and intricate wordplay, the show will feature tracks from his latest album ‘A Quiet Place to Land’ alongside new compositions and visuals that represent a possible new direction for his work.

Find out more about Brand New Moon here


6pm: Live Schulerud (Band name: Mörmaid)

Description: Singer, songwriter and music producer Live Schulerud aka Mörmaid keeps exploring her world of electronic, ethereal sounds with a strong focus on the voice, both in its purest form and dipping into the uncanny and distorted. The performance will also include visuals by Rachel Heavey.

Biography: Mörmaid is a constantly exploring figure of progressive electro pop and has proven herself to be an unstoppable creative force in the fields between electronic and vocal experimentation. With a strong sense of rhythmic energy and harmonic drive coupled with ethereal vocals and personal lyrics, her music is as hypnotic as it is energising.

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We are constantly monitoring the government’s COVID-19 guidelines. Should the situation change, the event will be postponed and bookers will be notified in regards to their options.

Supported by the Garfield Weston Foundation through the Weston Culture Fund