Cyanotype photography is a camera-less technique that involves laying an object on paper coated with a solution of iron salts before exposing it to UV light to create stunning white and cyan-blue images.

This four-week workshop series will take you through the process of creating designs and working with found objects and photography to create cyanotype artworks.

Week 1 – You will be learning what a cyanotype is and looking at other artists that use this technique. We will be visiting Deptford Beach to gather inspiration and take photographs which in later weeks you will use to make cyanotypes.

Week 2 – We will teach you how to invert photographs into photo negatives to print images. We will start printing cyanotypes using objects and photo negatives.

Week 3 – In this week we will begin to think of the outcomes you wish to create. We will explore the work of other artists, talk about ideas and meanings that you can create with images. You will also experiment with different cyanotype processes like toning your work.

Week 4 – Creating final outcomes. This session will take place 11:00 to 14:00 so we can make the most of the sun.

Attendance to all sessions isn’t mandatory however if you are new to the cyanotype process or creating artwork you might benefit from the whole series.

If you have any questions about the workshops please email,