In this story Rudy doesn’t have a red nose; rather it’s his talent for music that sets him apart from all the other Reindeer. Meeting new friends including a magical Jazz Penguin, Rudy goes on an adventure that teaches him that life isn’t about following the herd. Featuring jazzy original songs played live with a variety of instruments. Sing the blues with a Polar Bear, jam with the Puffins and beat- box with an Arctic Fox. It all happens at the North Pole Jazz Lounge.


Schools and Nurseries

Performances for schools and nurseries run on selected weekdays from Wednesday 8 December – Friday 10 December.

For more information, please contact the Box Office on 020 8692 4446 or

Friday 10 December at 10am is for parents and babies.

Friday 10 December at 1pm is a relaxed performance 

Public performances are on Saturday 11 December – Sunday 12 December.



About Goblin Theatre

Goblin Theatre is a children’s theatre company interested in telling stories with positive, contemporary themes that children of all backgrounds can relate to. We believe it’s important for children to see themselves and their experiences reflected in the stories they are told. Goblin’s shows are characterised by innovative use of original music, puppetry, movement and comedy. We aim to create shows that will make young people want to tell stories, be characters, make up songs and remember the experience long after the performance finishes.

Goblin has performed in lots of brilliant venues across the UK, including runs at Southbank Centre, National Theatre, Royal Albert Hall, Royal Exchange, Manchester, as well as two co-productions with Little Angel Theatre.

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