We’re interested to find out more on SceneMakers. What is the project and who is it for?

SceneMakers is an initiative set to stimulate and engage filmmakers from South East London who are passionate about their creative expression and their local community. The aim is to combine the two elements by creating a short film which showcases the care they have for their community and their amazing talents as filmmakers.

From the Albany’s perspective, we are hoping to  build a profile of young local digital makers, to broaden our bank of homegrown talent and to support the development of digital creativity which connects with our communities online.

We’re excited about SceneMakers! What made you decide to work with us?

Honestly, why wouldn’t I want to work with you?!

There’s something pure about the grassroots origin of the Albany which I think provides a great space and platform for young people to access art and culture in a different way. As an organisation, you are very keen on not only understanding the needs of the young people in your community but delivering programmes that suit them. There is also a great evolution happening to ensure that this remains the case, which I’m honoured to be a part of in my own little way!

Also, your team is AMAZING!

From your perspective, what are the biggest challenges affecting the film industry? What would you do to change them?

Diversity is one element that has been discussed and pointed out a lot (rightly so), but I also think there’s a piece around education that is just as important. There are an incredible amount of young people who are creative but aren’t aware of the end to end process when it comes to filmmaking (myself included- I am literally learning everyday). I’m hoping that this project can help bridge that gap a little and hopefully set some of them on a path that is fulfilling both creatively and economically!

Are there any people that particularly inspire you?

My best friend David. I’m a huge fan of his hustle and the way(s) he sees the world. I always choose to be myself, but there are definitely elements of his character I aim to adopt when adulting (haha).

OK. Films! What THREE films would you recommend people to watch during lockdown?

You know what, binging on TV series’ have been my go to during this period with the odd film. I have access to a few paid subscriptions so I’ll pick from each:

Netflix: Black Mirror, Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom
Amazon: The Boys, Little Fires Everywhere
Sky: Black Monday, I Hate Suzie

Oh yeah, if anyone wants to chuckle, Gogglebox!

What do you hope SceneMakers will be doing 5 years from now?

If we can commission feature length films and have our own film festival, that would be FABULOUS (come on universe, you owe us this after locking us indoors for so long. Make it happen, please and thanks).

Interested in The SceneMakers and would like to apply? Click here!

Angela Wereko- Anderson’s biography

Having been a Tate Collective Producer and Science Gallery young leader and writer, Angela Wereko- Anderson has been involved in programming events set to engage young people with arts and culture for over 3 years. As a producer for Tate Collective, some of the projects she has been involved in include Tate Future Late events, in commemoration with the Tate Modern opening in 2016. In 2017 she was the resident blogger for BP Art Exchange, an international learning project by Tate Britain which was created to encourage collaboration and exchange through connecting schools, galleries, artists and cultural institutions worldwide through an exciting social platform.  She was also a producer of the Tate Collective Membership scheme which was launched in 2018.

As a young leader she created and proposed a manifesto for diversity to the Global Science Gallery Network Directors Forum as well as programming events that encourage young people to engage in the exhibitions. She also presented on this theme at the Young Londoners’ Participation Network at City Hall. With this in mind, Angela hopes that Science Gallery London will champion new and exciting projects at the intersection of cutting-edge scientific research and future-facing art, whilst keeping diversity at its heart.

Her experience also ranges across various industries- retail banking and property to name but a few.

You can find Angela Wereko-Anderson on social media via @angie_esi