Hello Romarna! We want to find out how you got into music. Also, what do you love about performing?
Music is what got me into music! I grew up listening to an intensely wide range of music whilst I was growing up and I just loved it. I wanted to have that ’superpower’. I was fortunate enough to go to schools that had good music programs and I remember rushing home to play a song that I had learnt on the recorder, and it was just the most incredible feeling. From there I would go on to start lessons in flute and piano. But it wasn’t until my Mum bought my Dad a drum kit. THAT was the moment! I wanted so bad to play the drums, it was the most liberating experience! And I still feel like that now about performing! It feels like the closest experience a human can get to flying.

If you don’t mind us asking, what’s your go-to album?
My go-to album changes, depending on what’s going on… At this moment, my go-to is: Pa’l Monte – Adonis & Osaín del Monte

What’s your advice to people who are interested in music production or who would love to pursue a career in music?
It seems quite simple to say but get started! Find a place to start, whether that’s learning an instrument or trying something out on a DAW, just get started, find that inspiration. And don’t limit yourself! Your only limitation is your imagination.

Tell us more about your collaboration with Tomorrow’s Warriors!
I was very intentional from the beginning that I wanted this performance to represent what’s happening in the world and to be completely honest. I have also been doing a lot of research on healing frequencies and that because very much the concept of our performance: healing. I think it’s important to acknowledge that we have all been through a lot in the past year or so, individual and collectively, but things are also still moving forward. So with this Albany performance with Tomorrow’s Warriors, I felt that we should acknowledge the trauma and pain of the last year and to work towards healing and rejuvenate for this new chapter that feels like it is unfolding.

You can catch Romarna Campbell performing in the Albany via a special online stream in partnership with Tomorrow’s Warriors on Sunday 9 May.
Click HERE to RSVP your place by 12pm on Friday 7 May.

More information about Romarna Campbell
Romarna Campbell is a drummer, composer and producer from Birmingham. Music is at the heart of everything that Romarna does, with a particularly great Hip-Hop and Jazz influence. Music has allowed her to travel extensively and study at Berklee College of Music. She has also had the great honour and joy to perform worldwide with many people, including Courtney Pine, Billy Childs, Soweto Kinch and more, as well as lead her own projects with many of her peers and friends. Having just released her 25th Birthday project, she is now back in the studio working on a debut EP.