Talia Randall makes and curates riotous cabaret, bold poetry and joyous theatre. Often acting the chaotic clown on stage, once you scratch the surface you’ll find work that is political, personal and provocative.

The last ever Question Time Cabaret is at the Albany as part of the Rebels Season on Thursday 2 May. Follow this link to book.

Tell us about your work and what inspires you.

I make and curate political cabaret / comedy shows, I write and perform poetry and I make joyous, (sometimes silly) theatre. I’ve performed all over – Glastonbury, Edinburgh Fringe, Wales Millennium Centre, New York, Croydon.

My work is often concerned with power – who has it, who doesn’t and what we can do about it. Sometimes I talk about class, sometimes about gender and sometimes I write idiotic raps about fax machines.

My way into performing and making shows was through being part of youth projects in my late teens and early twenties. These projects helped me find my voice and helped me take myself more seriously.


What is Question Time Cabaret? How did it come about?

Question Time Cabaret is exactly how it sounds – a fun and rowdy variety show punctuated with political debate.

There’s a succession of acts from provocative drag, to heart-stopping poetry and right in the middle of the show there’s a panel discussion where audiences can take part in rabble-rousing debate. All of that in one show.

Each show has a different theme with some of the UK’s finest and fiercest performers and journalists delving into current issues.
This edition we’re talking the state of the nation – How can we deal with all the uncertainty we’re facing? What are we doing to tackle the spike in hate crime? How are we collectively dealing with climate change? How do we even have conversations with each other without it dissolving into a pissing match.

With Question Time Cabaret we’re trying to create a space where voices who are often overlooked are heard loudly and celebrated wildly. And I love how the cabaret format can help us explore burning political issues without being too heavy handed, dull or preachy.

It’s a proper fun night out that will move and challenge you as well as entertain.


Wait, I still don’t get what Question Time Cabaret actually is – a political debate or performance night? Is it serious or silly?

It’s both! Question Time Cabaret is a variety night with some of the UK’s best comedy, spoken word & drag acts bringing you knock out performances – you will be entertained and moved.

We also throw in a 30 minute panel chat with some leading journalists, activists and thinkers – you will be challenged, engaged and have a chance to ask questions (but you wont be forced to ask questions if you don’t want to!)

Expect it to be a rollercoaster, expect to be laughing one minute and roaring the next.

The last ever Question Time Cabaret is at the Albany as part of the Rebels Season on Thursday 2 May. Follow this link to book.