nabokov celebrates the infinite array of lives and stories of our nation.

Theatre needs urgent change in order to remain relevant and popular and nabokov locate and collaborate with a diverse range of exceptional voices across artforms including music, spoken word and theatre reinventing the theatrical experience so anyone can enjoy live performance and tell stories.

nabokov make exciting, high quality stories accessible, reaching new people and presenting their work in a wide range of environments (music venues, festivals, theatres, community centres, pubs, clubs, parks, anywhere) – creating spaces where we can have a good time and celebrate and share our stories together.

nabokov has a 17-year history of discovering, developing and producing new talent and creating award-winning productions and distinctive theatrical events. Since 2001 nabokov has championed exceptional artists, co-produced with leading companies, toured nationally and internationally and curated pioneering events.

nabokov execute an exciting boundary pushing program of work, collaborating with a diverse range of exceptional talent and voices across artforms to celebrate the infinite array of lives and stories of our nation.

‘nabokov has always been at the forefront of groundbreaking theatre and never more so than now under the artistic vision of Stef. Her ideas and collaboration with artists across artforms opens up whole new worlds and audiences to a theatrical experience not often encountered. nabokov are unafraid to explore presenting new forms, crossing genres and presenting the voice of an underground movement whilst making the experience accessible to everyone. This is an exceptional company and the first whom I look to for important and exciting new work.”

Tania Harrison – Festival Republic Arts Curator

In Autumn 2018 they are presenting Suitman Jungle at the Albany. Combining live drum ‘n’ bass, jungle beats and spoken word, it is the story of one man caught between the daily grind and his real passion – music.

Top image shows nabokov produced event: Benin City’s Last Night. Photo Alecsandra Raluca Dragoi.