Led by the Albany, as Lewisham Council’s Anchor Arts and Culture organisation, our ambition is to bring together fundraisers from Lewisham’s thriving arts and culture organisations to build networks, share experience and work in partnership to deliver impact in an increasingly difficult funding landscape.

LAF will be year-long programme of in-person networking opportunities around the borough. LAF will be member-led so the programme will be delivered based on the needs of our sector.


I don't have fundraising in my job title, can I join?

The group is specifically designed to support fundraisers working in Lewisham based organisations. If your role involves raising funds but you are a Director/Chief Executive/Project Lead you are eligible to join. If you are unsure, contact us.

If you are in a voluntary role in an organisation and require support with fundraising you may be better placed to book a 1:1 fundraising session here: https://www.thealbany.org.uk/creative-communities-11-fundraising-support-request-form/.

What other fundraising support do you offer?

As part of our Creative Communities membership we offer 1:1 bookable sessions with a professional fundraiser to discuss your fundraising strategy, workshop a specific funding application, or get advice on a campaign.

This offer is open to all Creative Communities Membership types – Standard, Pay-a-bit-less, and Associate (free). Not a member yet? Sign up now! 

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