‘Every Child’ enables businesses and individuals to give a local child the chance to experience the magic of theatre. The campaign centres on the belief that every child should have the opportunity to benefit from early access to the arts, which contributes significantly to childhood development.

Since we launched Every Child in 2017, the campaign has raised enough money from the local community to provide around 5,000 free theatre tickets to Lewisham schoolchildren! The scheme opens each year to the new intake of Year 1 pupils and your continued support helps us to ensure that no child in Lewisham will miss out.

Young audiences described the shows they saw and their trip to the theatre as ‘brilliant’, ‘amazing’, ‘great’, ‘wonderful’ and ‘better than the chocolate pancakes I had for breakfast!’

‘I am a passionate supporter of the arts and I am supporting A Theatre Trip For Every Child because we need to ensure all young people in Lewisham – no matter what their background – achieve their full potential and thrive. Access to the arts at a young age increases confidence and helps children develop creative and social skills, giving them a solid foundation for the brightest possible future.’ Damien Egan, Mayor of Lewisham

Our Patrons

The campaign is supported by our brilliant patrons – Noma Dumezweni and Jude Law.

As a Lewisham resident I am delighted to support this vital initiative, investing not only in the future of young people, but the future of the arts. These youngsters are the leaders, audiences and artists of tomorrow. I know the power of theatre and to pass that power on to the people who matter the most is a thrilling opportunity
Noma Dumezweni: Patron, Lewisham resident and award-winning actress.
I am delighted to support this terrific initiative which has the potential to positively impact the lives of young children in Lewisham. It is crucial for the future of our communities that we find creative ways to nurture and support the next generation. Theatre has the power to inspire children and we must encourage them to follow their dreams, no matter how big.
Jude Law: Patron, TV, film and stage star.


Top images shows children from Tidemill Academy in the Albany theatre, helping us make a film about the Every Child campaign.

1 ticket costs £15, please donate what you can.

We believe Every Child should be able to access the arts in their local area.

Donate a ticket for a child, a class or even a year group from your community to come to the theatre.

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