In these workshops you will be transforming, re-cycling and up-styling old clothes to turn them into something new and original. We will be creating a fashion collection for a mini fashion show, where you will have the opportunity to show your creations on a friendly and inclusive catwalk as part of Standards x REZON8.

Join us for this 5 week course to create a collection of new items. Bring any old clothes you would like to work with, and we will provide some things to choose from too.

We would love to show your work on the catwalk and you will be able to take home anything you’ve made after the show. We will also do a catwalk confidence session so everyone is catwalk ready.

This fashion show is about the power of dressing up, expressing ourselves and celebrating each other. You are welcome to invite your friends and family to the show which will sit amongst our over fantastic open mic acts.

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Youth theatre takes place during our weekly youth takeover, Come As You Are. Come early and hang out in the Albany CaffA with games, snacks and table tennis.