Looking for a place to refine your lyricism and develop further as an artist? Or are you looking for a place to learn how to use skills you already have to help people understand you better?

Bring your music to REZON8 at Richard MacVicar Deptford Adventure Playground at 1pm every Monday and Thursday.

We will explore:

Lyricism, rhythm/rhyme, song structure, social presence, distribution channels, and vocal performance.

Each session will have a different theme. We will explore musical identity, and support you to enhance your own tracks!

Sessions run by Indie Max. Indie Max is a creative explorer. His musical work spans producing, vocal, and instrument performance. He has been featured on one solo and multiple collaborative albums, and so far has been featured on BBC, Soho Radio, and at galleries such as Wellcome Collection. Max’s music is also included in short films and theatre performances.

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